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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I find out about my Insurance Benefits?

Laborers’ Local Union # 25 has Insurance Plans for both the Construction Laborers’ and the Industrial (Plants) Laborers’.

Always remember your Local is there to assist you and answer any question or problems you may have, but you can also contact the Laborers’ Welfare Fund at 1-708-562-0200.

Q: Who should I give my Insurance cards to?

You should have received four cards:

  • Two (2) cards marked Blue Cross Blue Shield which you should provide to your Doctor and Hospital and use for all your Doctors and Hospital bills.
  • Two (2) cards marked Caremark which should be provide to your pharmacies and used for your Prescription Drugs. Also note if you don’t provide this card to your pharmacist you will only receive 50% of your Prescription Drug payment.

Q: How long do I have to work before I am eligible for insurance?

Eligibility for the Laborers Insurance is based on hours worked. Initial eligibility is after you have worked a minimum number of hours in covered employment either within 6 or a 12 consecutive month period. Your coverage becomes effective on the first day of the Month following your completion of required hours.

Outline of Initial Eligibility
Hours during 6
Consecutive Months

12 Consecutive
Under 50
500 hours
800 hours
Age 50 to 55
400 hours
700 hours
Age 56 and over
200 hours
300 hours

Once you become eligible under the Plan, you continue to be eligible on a month to month basis.

Remember you can always call the Laborers Welfare Fund to check on your Eligibility (refer to their number under Important Phone Numbers) or call Laborers’ Local # 25 and we can find out for you.

Q: Where should I send my Hospital and / or Doctor bill?

Your Doctor and Hospital will mail your bill directly to Blue Cross and Blue Shield.

Your Prescription bills should be sent to:
Laborers’ Welfare Fund
11465 W Cermak Road
Westchester, IL 60154

You should include your paid receipt, name, address, and Social Security Number.

Q: When do I need to fill out my Medical Claim Form?

You will need to fill an Annual Claim form at the beginning of every year. This form will cover you and your family for all Hospital, Doctor, and Prescription coverage. The Laborers’ Health and Welfare Fund will mail all participants this form or you may request one at 1-708-562-0200.

Note: There is separate claim form needed for injury and /or sickness benefits.

Q: How can I find out how many Pension credits I have?

Laborers’ Local Union # 25 has members in two different Pension Plans and can obtain this information for you or you can call yourself.

Construction Laborers’ - call the Laborers’ Pension Fund at 1-708-562-0200

Industrial Laborers (Plants) - call the National (Industrial) Pension Fund at 1-202-737-1664 or see our Links for their Web Site

Q: Where can I get a copy of my Insurance coverage?

You can contact the Laborers Pension and Welfare Funds at 1-708-562-0200 to ask for a Summary Plan Description. You can have them send you one or stop at the office of Laborers’ Local Union # 25 to pick one up. You should also get a copy of your Pension Summary Plan Description. Industrial Laborers’ (plants) should contact Laborers’ Local Union # 25 for their Pension Plan Summary.

Q: What should I do when I get laid off?

You should file with the nearest Unemployment Office to your house. Construction Laborers’ should come to Laborers’ Local Union # 25 Office and place their name on the out of work list. We maybe able to assist you in finding a job.

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